Trust Technique® Consultations

The Trust TechniqueTrust Technique® consultations can be done either in person or via Skype. It is important that your animal companion be as comfortable as possible, therefore the in-person consultations are done at your home or barn.

There will be a phone call prior to the consultation to take details relating to your animal companion and the situation. There will also be follow-up phone call approximately one week after the consultation to share an update on your experiences with using The Trust Technique® and answer questions you may have. Additional consultations may be required to focus on specific situations of concern and to create a step-by-step process that is unique to each animal and situation. Any follow up consultation is at the same price as the initial consultation.

The techniques taught both in a Trust Technique® Consultation and through the video course are only for use with your own animal companions and animals you are responsible for.

Skype – $130 CAD per Consultation

In-Person $160 CAD* per Consultation

*travel within 1 hour of Newmarket, ON included. Additional fees may apply for travel outside this area.