About me

Hello, my name is Elaine Turner, welcome to my website. 

When I was young, like many children, I was fascinated by and felt a deep connection with all creatures. Growing up we had the usual, and not so usual, menagerie of ‘pets’ including an abandoned baby barn owl, named Sparky, who was released back into the wild as soon as he was ready.

I remember my dad teaching me how to tickle trout by slowly moving my hand underneath them and gently tickling their tummy with the tips of my fingers. After a couple of minutes they would relax and go into a trance like state, allowing me to gently pick them up out of the river.  

When I was a little older I would do anything I could to be around horses, volunteering every weekend to muck out the stalls and clean the tack, just to be in their presence. There was something magical about animals that I couldn’t really put into words at the time, but being with them made me feel safe. I could be me!

As I got older, although I still loved animals, the busyness of life seemed to block some of the deeper connection I had felt with them when I was younger. I now see that I had put up walls to protect myself from some of the harshness of life; being sensitive was too painful. In 2000 I took my first Reiki course which helped me to let down some of the walls I had built up. A year later I felt it was time for me to take Reiki Level II, but wasn’t sure why as I didn’t feel drawn to offer Reiki to people.

In February 2004 our wonderful 18 year old cat, Tigger, sadly passed. He had been with me and my children through so many ups and downs in life. He was part of our family! Although the difficult decision to let him go was made with the advice of a vet, I struggled with the guilt of wondering if I had let him go too soon, or not soon enough; had he not been ready or had he suffered. My search to find comfort around his passing led me on an amazing journey, which I truly feel was guided by him. Within weeks of his passing I unexpectedly found myself at a Psychic Expo where there was an Animal Communicator. Not sure what to expect when I signed up for a session, I was surprised and deeply comforted by the information she shared. Somehow she knew I had recently lost a cat and could ‘see’ that he had an owl with him! Although I was in awe of her ability to connect in that way, something about it felt so familiar and natural.

At the back of a magazine, which I had picked up at the Expo, I found a small, three line advertisement offering a workshop in Reiki for Animals. During my Reiki training it had been briefly mentioned that you can offer Reiki to plants and animals. I had offered Reiki to Tigger a few times, once when he injured his leg and also during the days before he passed.  I understood the power of Reiki and believed it helped Tigger, but it hadn’t dawned on me that I could offer it to other animals. When I took the workshop things started to make sense, Reiki was my way back to that deeper connection with all animals. As that connection opened I was able to feel, see and understand information that I knew wasn’t coming from my own thoughts but from the animal I was offering Reiki to. To alleviate my own self doubt I took a course in Animal Communication. I found that combining both Reiki and Communication, which was happening naturally, helped strengthen the connection, allowing a deeper level of comfort and overall well-being to be shared between the animal and their person.

Curious to see if anyone else was also offering both Reiki and Communication, an internet search led me to the work being done by James French, who not only recognized that these techniques worked hand in hand, but had further developed this combination into his own modality; The Trust Technique®. Becoming a Trust Technique® Practitioner felt like the missing piece of the puzzle, allowing me to teach others the skills to help their own animal companions to alleviate fear-based reactions, resolve unwanted behaviours and build mutual trust and confidence.

Having rediscovered my connection, I feel blessed to be able to help others understand how deeply in tune animals are with our thoughts and feelings and, from this place of understanding, how they too can embrace this natural connection we all have.

Over the years, I have been privileged to work with many people and their animals from all over the world, mostly through word of mouth and recommendations from those who have experienced first-hand the difference Reiki, Communication and, now, The Trust Technique®, have made in their life and in the lives of their animal companions.

People contact me for help for many reasons, including behavioural issues and health concerns. Reiki can help a sick animal to feel more comfortable and can promote self-healing. Animal communication can help to understand the perspective of the animal in relation to situations that are happening in their life and where they feel they are experiencing discomfort if they are sick or injured. The Trust Technique® offers a mindful approach to resolving issues.  My services are complementary to medical care and do not replace the services of a veterinarian and I do not diagnose. I am very happy to see the veterinary world now embracing the benefits of complementary care, such as animal Reiki, in the same way the medical field is embracing traditional and complementary medicine for humans

Although I am asked to work primarily with cats, dogs and horses, Animal Reiki, Animal Communication and The Trust Technique® work well with all types of animals.

Whatever you feel brought you to my website, I will be happy to talk with you about your concerns for your animal companion so we can see how I can best help you to improve your relationship and mutual well-being. Please feel free to contact me.

Elaine Turner
Trust Technique® Practitioner
Reiki Master
Animal Communicator