Animal Communication

Animal Communication for dogI am able to connect with the animal on an energetic level. Animals share their thoughts and feelings with me through pictures, words and even by allowing me to feel their physical symptoms in my own body. I am then able to communicate these ‘messages’ to their human companion.

This is done with the best intentions for both the person and animal. I do not judge any message I receive and ask permission from the animal to share the information with their human companion. I find that animals only share information that will help their human companion understand how they can help them physically and/or emotionally. Sometimes just being able to share information makes the animal feel much better.

Communicating with an animal can help me to understand more about any emotional difficulties, physical ailments or behavioural issues they may have. Often behavioural issues arise because the animal is in physical pain. Understanding this can help their human companion seek the best possible treatment for the animal whether that be a visit to the vet, animal chiropractor or Reiki treatments. I do not diagnose ailments and my services are intended to complement veterinary care, not replace it.

There are many benefits, both for the animal and their person, of Animal Communication, including:

  • Understanding of the animal companion’s emotional and physical needs
  • Understanding of behavioural issues and how to implement positive change
  • Providing possible insight that can help get the veterinary care that is needed
  • Helping to locate lost animals
  • Helping animals understand upcoming changes such as a move, vacation, a new addition to the family or a veterinary Animal Communication for animals who have passedprocedure
  • Assisting animals and their humans through the animal’s process of end of life transition
  • Connecting with animals who have already transitioned to bring comfort to their human(s)
  • Deepening their relationship with their animal companion by gaining insight and understanding on their perspective of things.

Animal Communication works as effectively either in-person or at a distance by connecting with them using a photograph. It is important for the person to have an open mind about the Communication session, as it will allow their animal companion to relax and be open to communicating more freely.

Animal Communication for scared catI prefer to know very little about the animal or the situation prior to the session as I feel that this allows the animal to share freely whatever information they feel they wish me to relate to their human companion. It also allows me to trust the information I am receiving without having an ‘agenda’ of what the issues may be.

Combining Reiki and Animal Communication
Animal Reiki and Animal Communication work hand in hand. While both modalities are different and are effective when used separately, they also work well when used together, each complementing the other and enhancing the connection, which is why I also offer sessions for both.

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