I have been privileged to work with people and their animal companions all over the world, and these are just some of the very kind comments, letters or emails I have received as a result:

Distance Reiki and Animal Communication
Elaine first offered distance Reiki for my dog, Coffee. We met by email and then by phone after the session when she gave me all this information about Coffee’s mood, health and personality. I was totally amazed. It was a lot of very personal stuff that she wouldn’t know! During the session, I could notice Coffee was relaxed and enjoying it. She is full of love, peace, joy, compassion and patience. Her connection with animals is undeniable.” Viviana Varela, Toronto, ON

Trust Technique® Video Course Support
“Having reached out to Elaine early on in working through the Trust Technique®online training was the best decision I could have possibly made!  The Trust Technique® is an incredible technique to help myself and my 4 boys (2 dogs and 2 horses) address issues that we’ve all carried with us for a long time.  I am very grateful to have been pointed towards it and enrolled at the very right time.  In the case of one of my horses it became crucial to help him as fast as possible as he kept  injuring himself, unable to find the peace needed to lie down and rest.  While I was eager and motivated to learn the Trust Technique® as quick as possible it felt apparent that I was not fast enough to give him the support he needed.  When I reached out to Elaine to ask for her help with him, she instead offered to help me to help him by overcoming some of my perceived challenges in working with the Trust Technique®.  Within the shortest time imaginable and through understanding our unique situation, Elaine supported me to gain the trust that I can deliver the Trust Technique®.  Soon my horse was able to sleep (and still frequently does), releases old trauma, gains weight, and is his jolly and incredibly beautiful self! 

Elaine’s support however reaches so much further!  With her ability to share her vision of how the Trust Technique® can help myself and all my boys to find the peace within us to deal with challenging situations, heal old wounds and to gain perspective on what serves us well and how to reach for it has been of tremendous help!  With patience, unfathomable kindness and through shining new light on issues I had long lost hope to solve, Elaine lights us the way in discovering the Trust Technique® and ourselves.  While I sometimes feel I am taking one step forward and two steps back Elaine guides me through the rocky waters with professionalism and persistence yet delivers both with so much warmth and lightness that I feel truly protected and safe with every step we take.  As for my boys, they usually speak for themselves, leaving me to share what I can observe; they seem to have grown more curious, more trusting and definitely more confident in may ways already.  Thank you so much Elaine, there is a long way ahead of us still.  Knowing you are there for us makes all the difference!” With lots of love, Dago, Kai, Opi, Felix and Ina, Holzdorf, Germany

Helping to adjust to a new home
Elaine is a kind, sincere and knowledgeable Reiki Master. From the moment I met her, she has shown such compassion toward animals. She performed distance Reiki on my boyfriend’s dog twice. We had to find him a new home and I was particularly saddened by this process. In the first Reiki session, Elaine reassured Preacher that I cared for him and was trying to find him a new home. She helped Preacher with his confusion and feelings. Preacher even responded and revealed images and information to her that only he knew. The second Reiki session, I sent Elaine a picture of Preacher in his new home – one I found after a long recruitment process. She confirmed for me that he was happy in his new home and had bonded with a young girl in the family. Elaine made Preacher also feel stability – something he had been waiting for. The Reiki process reaffirmed for me how smart, intuitive and loving dogs are as well as how gentle, informative and life-changing the Reiki experience is. I highly recommend it to any animal lover.” Manon Heran, Barrie, ON

Saying goodbye
Dear Elaine. You are an animal angel on earth! Along with the birth of my three daughters, your assistance when my beloved cat, Snickers, was dying was one of the most profound experiences of my life. It was an incredible support and relief to have you work with Snickers and be able to tell me what she was thinking, what she wanted me to do, and her story – as she was a stray to our home. Your kind, compassionate empathy made this horrible time bearable. Your concern, professionalism and follow-up were so very much appreciated. You truly have a unique and invaluable gift. Thank you from the depths of my being for assisting me during an extremely difficult time.”
Kat Downey, Mississauga, ON

Aiding post-surgery recovery
It is difficult to summarize the many many ways Elaine has helped us. We have relied on Elaine’s insights and coaching for everything from behavioural matters, to health concerns and periods of change. We have seen her work wonders, but the most striking example was when our dog had major surgery. He was distressed, both by physical nature of the surgery, and by his hospital stay. A few days after surgery, he was still withdrawn. After a Reiki session with Elaine, the difference was so unbelievable, even we were shocked by how quickly he recovered. His appetite came back, was more eager to engage with us, was resting more comfortably, and most importantly, the light in his eyes had returned. We had been so fearful that we had erred in moving forward with the surgery, but when we saw that the spark in his eyes was back, we knew he would be OK.

Elaine genuinely cares about the people and animals she works with, and we cannot recommend her highly enough. We will forever be grateful to her for all that she has done for us.” R & N Moosa, Toronto, ON

Complementing Veterinary Care
Figo, my 4 year old miniature schnauzer, was very weak after being in the emergency clinic for a week. He had pneumonia, fever, loss of appetite and he had to be on oxygen to help him breathe. Those were hard and sad days for Figo and for me. Elaine offered distance Reiki sessions for him every day and Figo started to show improvement. His breathing improved, he did not need the oxygen any more, his temperature went back to normal and he started to eat! Along with the veterinary care, I’ve seen how Reiki helped him and I’m really amazed by the results and by all the messages Elaine got from Figo during the sessions. She has a very special gift and what she does to help animal companions and their owners is wonderful. Thank you, Elaine, you have a very special place in our hearts.”
Teresa and Figo, Mexico

Connecting with a passed loved one
I had a communication reading done by Elaine that was wonderful. My old dog, Blue, passed away about four years ago and I still miss him very much. The information that Elaine relayed to me was exactly what I needed. The messages I received through her from Blue were specific to us and right on the money. It was amazing how his beautiful, funny personality came shining right through the reading. Thank you Elaine for a helpful, touching and incredibly healing experience.” Melanie Sward, Toronto, ON

Resolving behavioural issues
Dear Elaine. On several occasions, I have called upon you to help me decipher concerns with my Giant Schnauzer, Brodie. You were able to connect with Brodie and address both behavioural and health issues. Interestingly, in each instance, I ended up learning much more than I was looking for. I’m glad Brodie was so forthcoming with his messages! I can’t tell you how reassuring each session was and how comforting to know that Brodie was able to communicate his thoughts and feelings. After each session, I felt much better enabled to cope with each situation, make some changes that were of benefit to my whole family and, most importantly, Brodie seemed more relaxed and happy. Thank you so much, Elaine – our family truly appreciates your “pawsitive connections”!
The Queen Family, Newmarket, ON.

taking cat on planePreparing a cat for travel with Reiki
I am writing to thank you, Elaine, for your sensitivity, intuition and pure talent in helping us prepare our furry child, Pfizer, the night before our flight. Your insight and telepathic communication with her were so accurate! We could tell that Pfizer benefited greatly from your Reiki energy and seemed to have calmed after the session.” Shiri, Melissa and Pfizer, Vancouver, BC

Supporting veterinary care
Elaine is a skilled Animal Communicator and Reiki Practitioner who has helped many animals and their people through her energy work. I admire her incredible intuition and gentle approach. She has been an instrumental teacher for me as I journeyed along the path of learning animal communication, both with online and face-to-face lessons. Elaine has been an incredible source of insight and support for my animal friends and I, as we work through our relationships and process times of deep loss and grief. Animals trust her and send important messages, which she helps us to understand. I have watched her perform Reiki and pin point the exact location of an injury found later by veterinarians and other health care professionals. Elaine has blessed me with the experience of The Trust Technique®, which allows for a heightened awareness and well-being of our animal friends. Elaine is genuine, caring, non-judgmental and comes to each consultation with an open heart. She brings with her a wealth of animal knowledge and the ability to interpret communication from the animal’s perspective and help all involved heal and evolve.

Thank you, Elaine for helping me become a better person and learn to be with my animals in a deeper, loving way.” Robin – Veterinary Technician, Professor of Animal Care Program

Animal CommunicationTeaching the Trust Technique®
Thank you so much for teaching me The Trust Technique®, it is an amazing way to be with my horses. The atmosphere in the barn is so nice and peaceful. Loving it!”  R. Voise, Sunderland, ON

Supporting animals and people
“I’ve worked with Elaine several times with my toy poodle Nico. He is a very sensitive dog who has anxiety and is reactive and fearful with other dogs mostly, which causes stress for me.

Having reached out to Elaine for help, I saw amazing differences in Nico directly after sessions with her. He is more confident, less anxious and is not reactive to some of the triggers that would normally freak him out. She even calms me down !

We have done Reiki sessions and also most recently the Trust Technique, which he really responded well to.  Elaine was so patient working with Nico and at teaching me how to work with the Trust Technique with Nico on my own. We will continue to work with Elaine as I see results. I’ve recommended her to several people and they have all had positive results too. I highly recommend working with Elaine if you’re having any trouble with or just want to communicate with or understand your pet better and build a better relationship with them. Elaine has a gift and is truly a gem of a person.”  Pat Cardinale, Woodbridge, ON

Peace of mind and understanding
” I came to ask for Elaine’s assistance when my cat Momo was suffering from some form of stomach illness. Momo was also behaving very reclusively, hiding in my closet 24 hr a day for three or four days straight. Which made me very worried that she was more ill than imagined even though she had been seen by the vet.

But from the moment I talked to Elaine, I must say that the first feeling I received was a sense of peace, love, understanding and calmness. Elaine’s energy is one that is extremely loving and so you know right away there is no judgment in what she will say to you and how she will approach your beloved fur baby. Elaine was able to help communicate to me that Momo was perhaps allergic to some of food I was feeding her and that I should perhaps avoid grains, chicken or beef etc. ( we have now switched to grain free fish kibbles which have been great for her) and also that the reason why she was extremely reclusive for those past few days was because she felt I was having a hard time at that point in my life. Elaine explained that Momo is extremely sensitive to people’s energies which meant that at times when I’m stressed, upset or anxious, it affects Momo deeply especially when she feels helpless to assist me. Elaine recommended I spend time talking and brushing Momo’s hair to help her release her worries away… which worked!!

This was very eye opening, gave me peace of mind and knowing Momo better has made me be more aware of the ways I can manage my own energy, as well as, the ways to help and respect who Momo is as a living being.

Our relationship is much stronger and closer now – thank you Elaine!” Linda Chou, Taiwan

Help with difficult decisions
Our little Reese had not been her usual, playful self one evening, and due to her grade-four heart murmur, we didn’t want to take any chances. I booked her in to see a vet at our regular practice the following day and continued to monitor her.  Reese’s tongue was a standard, healthy colour, and she was still eating and drinking when I made the appointment,.  I didn’t think I needed to rush her to the emergency vet.  The next day, I drove one and a half hours to the clinic, and sat holding Reese for what seemed like ages after the vet that saw us informed me that Reese did, in fact, need emergency care and she would have to make calls to determine where I should take her – somewhere with a cardiologist on staff.  Sadly, our vet was away at the time.  Finally, the vet returned and told me none of the clinics within a three-hour radius had a cardiologist on staff and that I might as well take her to my closest emergency clinic, another two-hour drive away. My head was spinning; I was in a panic.  Reese was not well and remained slumped in my arms at our vet clinic, and then curled into a ball on the seat during our drive to the emergency clinic where my husband met us.  The technician took Reese from me in order to hook her up with fluids and reevaluate her.  The vet came to speak with us, taking us into ‘the room’ in which difficult conversations are done in private.  She was going to review the technician;s findings and make her assessment before coming back to speak with us.  During the vet’s absence, I reached out to Elaine.  I told her, “I don’t know what to do.”  I suspected what was happening to Reese had something to do with her heart, but at this time, I also believed (and hoped) the vet might be able to give her some miracle injection, and we would be able to take Reese home to her brothers.  That was not the reality of the situation, and when Elaine gently, calmly and respectfully connected with Reese, and described what our little girl was experiencing, my husband and I knew we had to let Reese go.  The vet returned moments later and confirmed, in medical terms, what we already knew.  With reassurance from a trusted guide, we had made our decision, and although it broke our hearts to say goodbye, we knew it was the right one, for Reese  Thank you, Elaine, for guiding us and connecting with Reese in our time of need.  Sarah and John P., Beaverton, ON