The Trust Technique®

Stop dogs fightingThe Trust Technique® recognizes that animals and humans share feelings. It teaches the person how to reduce their thinking levels to create a feeling of peacefulness and share this with their animal companion. A quiet mindset allows the animal to look at things differently, building trust and confidence in themselves and their human companion, allowing them to be peaceful in situations which previously caused them to have fear-based reactions and exhibit unwanted behaviours.

Working with The Trust Technique® for six years and seeing first-hand the outstanding results which it delivers, I realised this was the missing piece of the puzzle in working with people and their animal companions to improve communication and trust. Founders of The Trust Technique®, James French and Shelley Slingo, established The Trust Technique® Practitioner Program through which I qualified for both domestic and large animals – including cats, dogs and horses. This allows me to be able to guide and support people so that they can personally create the positive changes in their relationship with their own animal companions.

Our animal companions usually want to do what we ask of them: the problem is we are often not clear on what it is we are asking for or we don’t ask, we tell. Like humans, animals react differently to situations if they are experiencing anxiety, stress or fear and cannot hear what we are asking of them when they are experiencing these emotions. The Trust Technique® creates a listening state, allowing for clear communication and understanding between the animal and the person; one based on trust and confidence.

As a Trust Technique® Practitioner, during a consultation I show the person how to work with The Trust Technique® with theirstop horse being scared own animal companion(s), ensuring that they feel comfortable to continue to use the technique themselves. Although there is usually one particular area of concern that the person reached out for help with, working with The Trust Technique® on a regular basis can often resolve many of the fear-based reactions and negative behaviours. If the area of concern isn’t naturally resolved this way, then the next step in The Trust Technique® is a second consultation to create a step-by-step process that is unique to that animal and that specific situation. The person will also gain an understanding of how to create other step-by-step processes themselves for other situations and/or animals in their care.

To learn more about this beautiful technique please view the introduction video course, part one of which is free:  Messages of Trust

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