Trust Technique® Video Course Support

The Trust Technique® Foundation Video Course is an amazing way to learn how to make a difference in the lives of your own animal companions.  People who are taking the course often reach out to me for additional support in understanding how to implement the technique in a way that is specific to a situation they are experiencing. Sometimes just a simple tweak in the timing of using the technique or breaking it down into smaller steps can make all the difference for both the person and the animal.  Each animal, person and situation is unique, having one on one support can help provide deeper understanding, allowing for greater change.  For more information about The Trust Technique® click here

FREE 30 minute video call – for a limited time only, I am offering a 30 minute video call support consultation for anyone registered in the Trust Technique® Foundation Video Course, a $65 value. Contact me to schedule an appointment.

Looking for additional support?

30 minute video call consultation: $65 CAD
60 minute video call consultation: $130 CAD